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Toamna la Marea Neagra

Black Sea Coast

Limited in-between Capul Midia and Vama Veche, Hotels in Constantathe Romanian Littoral zone of the Black Sea extends on 245 km. Along the European road E87, there are aligned the 15 resorts, offering the tourists over 250,000 accommodations.


Vama Veche
Black Sea Coast.

This is Romanians’ favorite destination for holidays.
The most important resort is Mamaia, situated north of the city of Constanta, on a strip of land separating the Black Sea from the Siutghiol Lake.
Mamaia is a popular destination during summer time, for Romanians as well as for foreign tourists, as a result of major programs of investment.

Black Sea Coast
Black Sea Coast.

Other important resorts are: Eforie Nord, Eforie Sud, Costinesti, Neptun, Venus, Saturn, Vama Veche.

Costinesti is the traditional resort for students, while Vama Veche, at the southern extremity, at the border with Bulgaria, is the place for fishermen, also known for the “hippie” atmosphere.

The main cities in the region are: Constanta (the biggest port at the Black Sea), Mangalia and Navodari.

Black Sea Coast
Black Sea Coast.

The beach, oriented east and south-east, has a width varying between 150 – 200 m, mostly covered by fine sand. The slope is smooth and easily accessible, the salinity of the sea is reduced and water’s temperature is approximately 24 C degrees during the summer season.
The climate is mild thanks to the sea breezes, rich in aerosols which alleviate the heat of summer days. During the season, one can sunbathe 10 – 12 hours a day.
The Black Sea is the third in size in Europe, and the second for what concerns its depth. Marine currents are weak and the tide is of approximately 10-20 cm. There lives a species of sharks (Squalus acanthias – “the sea dog”) of small dimensions, but harmless for humans and which does not approach the shore.

Aqua Magic, Mamaia
Aqua Magic aquatic park, lying on an area of 27,200 square meters, is located at the entrance of Mamaia and has a capacity of over 2500 visitors.

Moreover, for those who wish to follow medical treatments, there are different balnearic resources with mineral and mineralized waters, therapeutic muds, in the treatment bases near the lakes of Techirghiol, Tatlageac, Neptun, Belona, Siutghiol, Corbu, Sinoe, Navodari and Tasaul.
There are multiple possibilities for accommodation, from five stars hotels to boarding houses, campings or even in the houses of the natives. Usually, starting with the 1 of September, prices lower because it’s extraseason.
For entertainment, there are numerous bars, discotheques, casinos, one can play bowling or billiards, ping-pong, there are especially designed areas for playing sports like European football, tennis, volleyball, badminton, basketball, and for the most daring there is the possibility of practicing nautical sports.

Mamaia Resort

Mamaia Resort
Mamaia, view from Telegondola.

Mamaia is one of the most famous resorts from the Romanian Black Sea Coast. Situated north of Constanta, somewhere between The Black Sea and Suitghiol Lake, it is best known for its large accommodation possibilities. It has the greatest accommodation potential, better said. Mamaia is a resort with a very dynamic development; the tourists have got used to the fact that they are welcomed here with new surprises every year: palm trees, Aqua Magic (a water park), artesian wells, the Telegondola (a modern cable-railway), decker buses.

Mamaia Resort
The beach from Mamaia is most of it licensed, the tourists having the opportunity to enjoy the beach umbrellas and lounge chairs (paying a certain fee, of course).

Mamaia is unique for the breadth of the beaches and also for their length (more than 8 km). The sand on the beaches is very soft and the tourists enjoy themselves when they bathe into the sea. Most of it, the beach is licensed, the tourists having the opportunity to enjoy the beach umbrellas and lounge chairs (paying a certain fee, of course). But there are large places on the beaches where the tourists may stay for free. The beach from the south (near the entrance place in Constanta) is narrow and pebbly. The beach from the center of the city is the most crowded one, as it represents the place where the most beach events are organized (contests, festivals etc.). The beach from the northern side of the city is the best taken care of and there the sand is the softest.

Here and there, there are lifeguard points. The lifeguards are well-trained and are on duty daily between 8:00 and 20:00.

Mamaia Resort
Aqua Magic aquatic park, Mamaia.

One of the main attractions of the resort is the water park Aqua Magic, a place where the tourists have a lot of fun. Aqua Magic is situated at the entrance of the resort and can be visited by all tourists, as there are no age interdictions. The park itself can host up to 2500 visitors. Having an area of 4000 square meters of water, this amusement park includes slides, pools and water basins. The tourists may find restaurants, bars, fast-food services, sweetshops, as well as souvenirs and picture postcards. The tourists may choose to tan themselves while sitting on the lounge chairs or to swim into the pools. Aqua Magic is illuminated, so therefore, festivals or other various forms of entertaining may be organized during the night. For the first time, an outdoor dancing floor has been built here. The tourists can see various light effects and hear sound effects and also they can see water effects, namely the water moves or dances according to the rhythm and the intensity of the music.

Mamaia Resort
The Telegondola from Mamaia has a carrying capacity of 600-1500 persons per hour.

The Telegondola from Mamaia, which was inaugurated in 2004, is a cable-railway that allows the tourists to see the resort from high above, offering them unforgettable sights of the whole resort, Black Sea and Suitghiol Lake. This means of transport represents a unique realization for Romania and one of the few projects of this kind in the world.

Mamaia Resort
The Telegondola from Mamaia.

The Telegondola project, which can host 600-1500 persons per hour, is a means of transport that give the opportunity to the tourists to admire this resort from great heights.
The tourists can “go on board” from two stations, one being situated near Perla Hotel and the other near the Casino.

It is worth mentioning that there are very few villas and the private accommodation services are inexistent here, unlike the rest of the resorts situated on the Romanian seaside.


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