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Calatoriti in Norvegia


SkiingisNorway's national sportand a natural part of the country’s history, culture and traditions. It is also many Norwegians’ favourite means of appreciating the spectacular and unspoilt mountain landscape in the winter.

Whichever resort you choose to visit, you can expect a warm welcome from the friendly locals, most of whom speak excellent English. You will be hard pressed to find a morefamily-friendlyski destination than Norway, withfree lift passes for children under seven years(provided that they wear a helmet) and widely availablecrèches, nannies and English speaking instructors.

Norway’s ski resorts are pleasantly uncrowded compared to many large resorts in Europe, with a distinct lack of long queues. All offermodern skiing equipmentandfast lifts. The slopes suit all levels, from beginners to advanced skiers.

There is also plenty other winter activities to enjoy – who can resistsnowshoeing,ice fishing,horse-drawn sleighs,ice climbingordog sledding?

The season typically lasts forsix monthswithreliable snow conditionsthroughout the period. Most resorts open in November – some already in October – and the snow remains light, powdery and deep well into May.

You will also find a wide range ofexcellent accommodation options, fromski-in/ski-out chaletstoluxury hotels. And remember that Norway is easy to get to – just atwo-hour flight from the UK.

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