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Hunedoara County - Five Place to see in


Hunedoara ( Hunyad in Hungarian ) is a county of Romania,in Transylvania with its capital city at Deva. The county is located in western Romania,close to the Hungarian and Serbian borders.
We visited Hunedoara county several times during the past years especially because of its known beauty.The vast forests, the Carpathian mountains, the lakes, the rivers, the man made and nature made monuments all make this county a place you want to come visit again and again.
We’ve gathered 5 places worth visiting in Hunedoara County.Here they are :
1. The Retezat National Park - Hiking in Retezat National Park you may well lose your breath, not from the climb, but the breath-taking views of nature at her wildest. Peaks of differing heights, many topping the 2,000m mark, make the park a true wilderness challenge. Visitors willing to tackle the “massive challenge” will discover their efforts are well rewarded.
The lonely mountains rise and fall, and appear to change in shape as the sun casts an array of mountain shadows about the land from dawn to dusk.The park was founded in 1935 and has an area of 380 km² .Containing more than 60 peaks over 7,500 feet (2,300 m) and over 100 crystal clear deep glacier lakes, the Retezat Mountains are some of the most beautiful in the Carpathians and include Romania’s first national park.
2. Corvin’s Castle in Hunedoara - The Castle is known both by the name Corvin’s Castle and “Hunyadi Castle”. “Hunyadi” is a more internationally recognized name for the same family, “Corvins” being used mostly by Romanians. The impressive size and architectural beauty sets it among the most precious monuments of medieval art, subsequent developments mixing Gothic style with Renaissance and Baroque. The building lies on a rock around which flows the river Zlasti. It has an impressive draw bridge, countless towers, a number of interior courts, and two large halls, “Knight Hall” and “Diet Hall”, as it housed the diet of Transylvania for a very short period.
The castle history is mostly related to the Hunyadi family, being the place where Iancu de Hunedoara spent his childhood. Today the castle is being cared for by the municipality, as there are no recorded descendants of the Hunyadi that could pledge for it. Vlad Dracul, the ruler of Wallachia, father of the notorious Vlad Dracula, was imprisoned here, as he had fallen into disgrace with Hunyadi, not providing the help promised in the battle against the Ottomans. (Dracula, who had once been traded as a hostage to the Ottomans by his own father, later became a protege of Hunyadi and took over Wallachia shortly before his mentor’s death of a fever). The castle and surroundings are often used by international film companies for the production of movies about medieval times.
3.Parang ski resort - The Parâng mountain group is a subgroup of mountains in the Southern Carpathians. It is named after the highest of the mountains in the group, the Parâng Mountains.The ski resort is located at 1200 meters above Jiu Valley at 12 kms from the city of Petrosani.The resort offers summer and winter activites such as Rafting,Skiing,Mountain biking,Hiking,Paragliding and much more at very reasonable prices.
4.Deva’s Citadel - It’s first documentary attestation is in 1269, in an act issued by Stefan, the king of Hungary, where “castrum Deva” is mentioned. The citadel functioned between XIV-XV centuries as a voievodal residence and valach district. Beginning with 1453, Iancu de Hunedoara transformed it in an nobiliar castle. During the Turkish invasions of 1550, 1552 and 1557, the fortress was sieged several times and occupied in 1557 by sultan Soliman the Great, who gave it to queen Isabela of Hungary and her son Ioan Sigismund. The citadel served in the XVIth century also as a prison, this is where David Ferencz, the founder of the Unitarian church, and Moise Szekely, leader of the transylvanian nobles hostile to the imperial power.
From 1686, it’s under austian rule, domination maintained until the XIXth century. During the 1986 uprising, it has been sieged by the peasants lead by Horia, Cloşca and Crişan. At the end of the XVIIIth century, the fortress loses it’s strategic importance, abandoned for some time. It gets it’s importance back only in 1817, when emperor Francisc I, passing through Deva decided to restore it. During the 1848-1849 revolution, the austrian garrison inside, finding out about the revolutionary victories against the imperial army, mines the walls. In august 1849, the explosion of the ammo deposit blows up the walls.
5. The ruins of Sarmizegetusa - Sarmizegetusa (also Sarmisegetusa, Sarmisegethusa, Sarmisegethuza) was the most important Dacian military, religious and political centre. Erected on top of a crag 1,200 metres high, the fortress was the core of the strategic defensive system in the Orăştie Mountains, comprising six citadels. The fortress, a quadrilateral formed by massive stone blocks (murus dacicus), was constructed on five terraces, on an area of almost 30,000 m². Sarmizegetusa also had a sacred precinct—among the most important and largest circular and rectangular Dacian sanctuaries the famous Circular Calendar Sanctuary is included.
The civilians lived around the fortress, down the mountain on man-made terraces. Dacian nobility had flowing water, brought through ceramic pipes, in their residences. The archaeological inventory found at the site shows that Dacian society had a high standard of living. All the six fortresses—Sarmizegetusa, Blidaru, Piatra Roşie, Costeşti, Căpâlna and Baniţa—that formed the defensive system of Decebalus are part of a UNESCO World heritage site.(Bujor de Munte)


Tabara de schi la Straja, Complex turistic Platoul Soarelui 3*

Program: Banchete, excursii, tabere

Perioada: 22 februarie - 1 martie 2009

Cazare: Complex turistic Platoul Soarelui 3*

Localitate: Straja

Zona turistica: Hunedoara-Hateg

Tarif: 1085 lei/pers./pachet

Tarif detaliat:
Tip cazare Tarif pachet
Loc in camera de 2, 3, 4 sau 5 locuri 1085 lei

- tariful este exprimat in lei/pers./pachet

Descriere pachet:
Tabara se va desfasura in perioada 22.02 - 01.03.2009 la complexul turistic Platoul Soarelui.

Cazarea se va face la cabana Platoul Soarelui (3 stele) in camere de 2, 3, 4 si 5 locuri. Alegerea camerelor se va face in ordinea inscrierii la tabara.

Mesele vor fi servite la restaurantul din cadrul complexului, in ziua inceperii taberei (22.02.2009) servindu-se doar cina, iar in ziua terminarii acesteia (01.03.2009), micul dejun si pranzul.

Echipamentul de schi va fi asigurat de la centrul de inchirieri din cadrul complexului, in seara sosirii. In cazul in care cursantii detin echipamentele de schi proprii, atunci pretul taberei scade cu 140 lei.

Lectiile de schi se vor desfasura intr-un cadru organizat, cu monitori de schi autorizati, 6 ore de schi / zi, maxim 8 persoane la un monitor. Monitorii vor fi cei care vor supraveghea copiii si in afara programului de schi. In ziua terminarii taberei, se va organiza un concurs de schi la care cursantii primesc premii si diplome de absolvire ale cursului, in functie de nivelul acestora.

Se recomanda ca micutii pana la varsta de 8 ani sa fie insotiti. Insotitorii vor sta in aceleasi camere cu micutii, pretul fiind de 525 lei (210 lei / cazare, 315 lei / masa).

Servicii incluse:
- 7 nopti cazare
- pensiune completa
- echipament de schi si lectii de schi (6 ore de schi/zi)
- pret redus la teleschi

Nu sunt incluse:
- urcarile cu teleschiul, care se platesc separat, la tarif redus cu 33% (2 lei/tura). Acesta suma se plateste la sfarsitul taberei si, de regula, difera de la un cursant la altul. O suma estimativa pentru turele la teleschi este 100 lei.

- la aproximativ 300 m de statia de intoarcere a telescaunului
- luand ca reper statia de intoarcere a telescaunului, se merge pe drumul din dreapta cei 300 m; aceasta portiune nu poate fi parcursa cu masina

- restaurant
CONTACT:  http://www.infinitytravel.ro

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(021) 313.75.91
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